Don’t let the big names and big prices fool you. 2020 Top 25 San Diego Turf Installer listed by San Diego Real Estate Hunter, Scott Taylor. California Synthetic Turf and Lawn is the most professional and client approved artificial turf and putting green installer. We have over thirteen years of installation experience in San Diego and Southern California. We originally began in the putting green business, but because of the drought situation in San Diego, we added artificial lawns to our resume. We also do other aspects of landscaping, such as pavers, retaining walls, minor concrete, etc. California Synthetic Turf and Lawn’s artificial grasses provide a look and feel that’s superior to any other artificial grass. We offer a variety of choices for San Diego synthetic lawns, with artificial grass for both front yards and backyards, as well as a range of other indoor and outdoor residential and commercial uses – sports fields, golf greens, playgrounds, patios, decks and pet areas. Contact us today and receive a free design estimate.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass eliminates the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs. Switching to synthetic grass allows consumers and businesses to save significantly on their water bills. Users often recover the installation costs within a few years by reducing the need for water and lawn maintenance costs.

Field Turf

Communities need accessible, versatile play surfaces for youth and people of all ages. Parks and sports fields with synthetic turf promote year-round activity on safe and resilient surfaces. Increased activity helps reduce childhood obesity and promotes well-being.

Sport & Athletic Turf

A typical grass sports field can use between 500,000 to a million gallons of water each year. Artificial Grass allows communities to conserve that water, which is particularly critical during times of drought.

Pet Grass

Artificial grass for pets has a specialized drainage system that allows water to pass through to the soil below. It eliminates the muddy conditions after a rainstorm and keeps your dog clean as it plays or uses the bathroom. Artificial grass has come a long way since it was first used on a recreational area in 1964.

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